The New Light on Tibetan Medicine series is Bedurya’s most significant and ambitious project. Our aim is to transform the extensive materials accumulated by Dr. Pasang Yonten over more than forty years of study, practice, and teaching into a set of comprehensive handbooks. So far, no English-language publication of comparable scope and depth has appeared.

We look forward to present you Volume I, which is due to come out March 2022!

  • Volume I: Foundations

    The first handbook of the series is titled New Light on Tibetan Medicine – Volume I: Foundations. This volume consists of thirty-eight chapters which are organized into ten sections on the following themes: (1) Tibetan medical history, (2) the structure of the Four Tantras, (3) mind and the three humors, (4) body constitution, (5) digestion and the constituents, (6) body development, (7) channels, (8) organs, (9) dreams and the dying process, and (10) professional ethics. Meticulously referenced and packed with detailed explanations, quotations, and clear illustrations, this book provides a solid theoretical foundation for understanding the gross and subtle physiology of the body-mind. It also introduces Sowa Rigpa’s historical development and its connections to (tantric) Buddhist philosophy and practice, providing essential context. New Light’s Foundations is written in straightforward language and backed up by an extensive glossary of medical terms, making it easily comprehensible.