The following books, currently in draft stage, are the next ones in line for publication.

For more info on the New Light series and its first volume, which is our first upcoming book, check out this page.

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New Light on Tibetan Medicine, Volume II – IV

The next volume planned in our New Light series, Volume II: Diagnosis and Treatment, is currently in the copy-editing stage, and we are soon going to improve the illustrations. This handbook’s core content will be a systematic explanation of diagnostic and treatment methods.

The main texts of the third and fourth volumes, both on pathologies, are still being finalized by Dr. Pasang Yonten.

The remarkable distinguishing feature of these three forthcoming volumes is not just their nearly encyclopedic coverage, but also the many practice-based innovations they contain. Building on yet going beyond traditional explanations and commentaries, a variety of alternative diagnostics, tried and tested living therapies, as well as new disease categories are introduced.

Autobiography and genealogy of the
nup and arya clans

Besides preparing the forthcoming books mentioned above, Gen. Pasang Yonten is in the process of writing his memoirs and researching his family history. We look forward to publishing this lively story, first in Tibetan, and hopefully later in English too!

image Nubchen Sangyé Yéshé

Nupchen Sangyé Yéshé (ninth century CE), a renowned ancient ancestor of Dr. Pasang. © Shechen Archives, Himalayan Art Resources

And more…

There is so much more to be done! We have several draft manuscripts waiting to be completed, and an impressive wish list of future books on fascinating topics such as herbal formulas and medicine making, Tibetan medical psychology, Medicine Buddha practices, and so on.

In the past few years, the focus of TME has expanded as it openly introduced teachings on tsalung. At Bedurya Publications, we are also excited by this still expanding set of energetic healing practices that beautifully complements Sowa Rigpa’s more material approach to treating the body-mind.

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