Bedurya Publications is part of TME – Tibetan Medicine Education Center, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the transmission of Tibetan medical theory, practice, and related yogic therapeutic exercises and treatment methods beyond their places of origin. Founded in 2005 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, TME is headed by Dr. Pasang Yonten and one of his senior students, Sylvie Béguin.

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TME currently offers (1) a three-year Tibetan medicine course with optional intensive onsite workshops, (2) specialized courses and workshops for advanced students (on pathologies, gynecology, psychiatry, rejuvenation, etc.), (3) a rare teaching cycle on tsalung healing therapy, as well as (4) short modules such as the introductory four-month online course “take charge of your own health.”

Have a look at TME’s website to explore its course offerings, wealth of newsletter articles, and more! You can also find TME on Facebook.